Prosthetic Dentistry  


DENTURE (Complete Denture)


Dr. Masciadri uses the "Branching Technique" when fabricating a Complete Denture.

This technique Masciadri uses is a very time consuming and sophisticated method of denture construction. Dr. Masciadri constructs two dentures in which the first one is called the Treatment or Diagnostic Denture. This is first constructed to condition the oral tissues, prove dental and facial appearance and develop chewing function that is acceptable. Denture function is affected by loss of ridges, soft and unhealthy tissue, bone spicules, muscle activity in the floor of the mouth and one's ability

All of these is accomplished by making a treatment denture in which Dr. Masciadri will use the same teeth that will be placed in your final dentures. Teeth are selected that will harmonize and balance to the size and shape of your face. These teeth are placed on the denture base in a natural position while you are present. Every effort will be made so that you will not have the denture look. The treatment dentures are placed and they have a treatment soft liner between the base and your gums. The soft line will help rehabilitate the tissues back to health and at the same time produces a functional impression of the ridges as it molds to the shape of your mouth. Since this is provisional treatment denture, changes in functional aspects and appearance can be made as deemed necessary. When you are completely comfortable, you really like the appearance and you are satisfied with the degree of function that has been accomplished for your particular oral condition, the treatment dentures are then used as a blueprint to fabricate your final dentures.




Depending on your case, Dr. Masciadri also does this type of dental prosthesis that restores one or more, but not all, of the natural teeth, or those associated parts and that is supported by the teeth. These teeth being replaced maybe missing due to extraction or periodontal disease. Most of the time, this is not the perfect solution to your problem.


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