TMJ Splint  


What is a TMJ splint?


Various types of clear plastic splints can be used to treat TMJ syndrome. A bruxism splint, worn mostly at night, keeps you from grinding your teeth and helps reduce muscle tension. It does not treat the cause of the TMJ symptoms but only allows you to grind against it at night instead of grinding against your base teeth. You wear down the appliance instead of your teeth. A repositioning appliance is worn 24 hours a day to move the dislocated parts of your jaw joint into alignment and allow the joints to heal in their normal anatomical position. A stabilization appliance, also worn 24 hours a day, relaxes your muscles around the jaw joints and attempts to stabilize shifting teeth and changing bite caused by the TMJ problem. It is effective only as long as it is worn and does not attempt to treat the cause of instability.

Your splint will be custom fitted from impressions of your teeth, to make it as comfortable as possible; and it will not cover the front of your teeth, to make it invisible. You may need to wear a splint for three to twelve months or longer. During that time, we'll adjust the fit as your jaw posture changes.

Allows the jaw joints to fully seat without the teeth inerfering with the joints to go to that position. The splint provides even solid contacts of the teeth all the way around the arch at the proper joint position. This harmonizes the relationship of the joints to the bite. When the joints are able to seat and the teeth are able to completely meet all the way around simultaneously, then the harmony in the system is reestablished!!